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Creating a Account

Post  Wkc on Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:53 am

Blizzard has recently launched a new system which creates a universal account that encompasses the Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft and World of Warcraft titles as well as other online services, such as the Blizzard Store, and World of Warcraft forums and the World of Warcraft Account Management and Armory websites. With this new system, players will be able to log into all of the aforementioned games and services—but with only having to use a single account!

Currently, a account is not needed to log into World of Warcraft and the services related to it (such as Account Management, the Armory, and the forums); however, as announced during the Wrath of the Lich King Beta, it will be required sometime in the very near future and as such, players are given the chance to go ahead and merge their accounts now to start taking advantage of the added security, convienece and features that this new service provides.

If you already have a Blizzard Account, be it from participating in the Wrath of the Lich King Beta, or because you've made past purchases from the Blizzard Store, then you already have a account and will only need to log into it in order to begin merging your Blizzard titles. To begin, visit the Account Login page and enter in the e-mail address (which acts as your account name) and password that you used with your Blizzard Account to log in. Once logged in, click on "Add Game" and follow the on-screen instructions. Please be aware that if you are attempting to merge a World of Warcraft account, you will need to click on "Merge a World of Warcraft Account" rather than "Add Game."

If you do not already have a account, please visit the Account Creation page.

For World of Warcraft players, you are able to merge up to eight accounts to a single account. You will also no longer log into the game client or associated services with your former account name and password; rather, you will now log in with the e-mail address that acts as your account name and password. If you have an Authenticator, do not worry—it will convert itself to work with your account and you should be prompted to use it upon logging in as you normally have been.

Once you have merged, be sure to update the contact information on both the website and in the Account Management page on the World of Warcraft website. You can also view the Account FAQ for information about the service and what it has to feature.

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